Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile 2.0 en Anti-Exploit

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Voor zowel Anti-Malware Mobile en Anti-Exploit zijn nieuwe versies uitgekomen. Hieronder de belangrijkste wijzigingen in deze update.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile 2.0 changelist:

  • UI redesigned to improve usability
  • Added device health status indicators to denote issues severity
  • Provided more detailed scan info in History
  • Added ability to sort running/installed apps by name and size
  • Added app force stop/force uninstall
  • Added intro at first launch of program
  • Optimized program launch time
  • Optimized threat database reload time
  • SMS Matching Engine rewritten for faster detection
  • Fixed display in portrait mode
  • App crash fixes
  • Bug fixes

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit changelist:

New Features

  • Added Layer0 Dynamic Anti-HeapSpraying mitigation
  • Added Layer0 Anti-Exploit fingerprinting mitigation
  • Added Layer0 finetuned VBScript mitigation for IE
  • Added Layer1 ROP-RET gadget detection mitigation
  • Added Layer3 Application Behavior rules
  • Added protection for Microsoft Edge
  • Added protection for LibreOffice
  • Added failover upgrade mechanism
  • Added auto-recovery for Anti-Exploit service


  • Fixed conflict with third-party products that use the same hooks
  • Fixed conflict with Office family profile
  • Fixed conflict with banking software plugin for browsers
  • Fixed conflict with Citrix when opening IE
  • Fixed conflict with components from Asus and Huawei
  • Fixed conflict with Kaspersky 16
  • Fixed conflict with Comodo
  • Fixed conflict with Imprivata OneSign
  • Fixed issue when custom shields were not kept after upgrade
  • Fixed issue with exclusions sometimes not applied to PDF profile
  • Fixed issue with Layer3 Application Behavior
  • Fixed issue with missing balloon notifications
  • Fixed issue with missing balloon notifications
  • Fixed false positive with Adobe Acrobat
  • Fixed false positive with certain .NET modules under IE
  • Fixed PhantomPDF crash when converting to doc

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